About Oxiplant

Oxiplant is an innovative laser cutting company with extensive knowledge and experience in its sector. The company specializes in laser cutting and oxy-fuel cutting, along with the transformation and sale of metal products, from industrial panels to metal tubes and sections. It is a steel transformation centre that forms part of a group of companies offering laser cutting and oxy-fuel cutting.

Our main clients are companies in the metal sector, from boiler making, machining, makers of metal structures, machine tools, key-in-hand projects and companies in the naval, automotive and renewable energy sectors.

Continuous Development


ERP-CRM System

Quality Control

As the leading laser cutting company in the sector, we offer our clients a service founded on quality, reliability and a firm commitment to agreed delivery times. Our qualified staff and our high-technology solid-state laser cutting and CO² laser cutting equipment are our best guarantee, backed by our constant long-term cooperation with our clients, generating mutual trust and carrying out work through coordinated teams to ensure success.

As a result of our continuous development and evolution, Oxiplant has become a supplier that has earned the trust of many companies in Spain and Europe who work in different industrial sectors.

We offer a complete manufacturing and transformation service from our Technical Office, and not only will we take charge of the production process, but we can also offer assessment and full support for our clients during every phase of product development.

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