Oxiplant’s finishing service offers the possibility of transforming your pieces and giving them the finish required to make the job easier and to be able to provide fully finished pieces.

Marking: Whether it is with plasma, laser or a punch tool, we offer the option to mark the pieces to aid in identification before the finishing processes, to transfer logos or to ensure the pieces’ traceability.

Machining and Threading: To guarantee that holes are drilled with the precision, surface finishes and dimensions required. We also work with commercial and special threads.

Welding: We can carry out semi-automated welding for mass-produced and individual pieces, to the client’s specifications.

Bevelling: Preparation of edges using oxy-fuel or laser cutting or portable milling equipment, depending on the thickness of the metal and the tolerances, to ensure that every chamfer has a perfect finish, making all subsequent welding work easier for the client.

Strapping and packing: All our pieces are sent, unless specified otherwise, firmly strapped and packaged on a pallet. This means we can be certain that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We also ensure that all pieces are properly identified, and clean of scrap and burrs.

The finished pieces undergo a final quality control check before being sent to the client.

The inspected pieces are carefully packaged and labelled, so that they arrive at their destination intact. If necessary, we can provide special packaging for improved protection of more delicate pieces in transport.

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