There are a number of different ways to cut metal on the market, Oxiplant offers its clients different processes to match the requirements of each cutting operation, but always with the quality of our service as a priority.

At Oxiplant we are specialists in laser cutting for metal and for pipes. Our laser cutting service offers our clients high precision and finish in our cuts.

The main advantages of laser cutting include:

  • High precision cutting
  • Cutting very small orifices, narrow pieces, or pieces with very acute angles.
  • The laser cutting service offers many options for automation.
  • The laser produces little heat in the process of cutting metal, so it does not deform the piece.
  • Laser cutting is very fast when cutting thin pieces.
  • Pipe ends can be shaped by laser cutting.

Technological equipment with solid-state laser cutting or CO² laser cutting and TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 machinery make it possible for Oxiplant to offer a high-quality service, adjusted to the needs of each client.

OXI-INFOG.-01.-LASER-400x319 Laser Cutting

OXI-INFOG.-02.-LASER-400x319 Laser Cutting

OXI-INFOG.-03.-LASER-400x319 Laser Cutting

OXI-INFOG.-04.-LASER-TUBO-400x319 Laser Cutting

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