Oxy-fuel cutting is a technique similar to that of welding and is used to cut pieces of considerable thickness to size.

In Oxy-fuel cutting work, the material is cut by heating it, where oxygen uses the heat of a flame accompanied by a flux to help the process.

At Oxiplant we offer carbon steel plate work carried out with numerical control, based on plans, cad files or the clients’ specifications.
Oxy-fuel cutting is carried out by heating the metal.

The main advantages of oxy-fuel-cutting include:

  • Easy cutting of irregular and rusted panels
  • Panels can be cut with or without preparation
  • Oxy-fuel cutting work does not require great skill, so it is guaranteed to offer excellent results.
  • Oxy-fuel cutting is a cutting method with a very economical price.
  • It can be used to cut materials with very different thicknesses.

OXI-INFOG.-07.-OXICORTE-400x319 Oxy-fuel-cutting

OXI-INFOG.-08.-OXICORTE-400x319 Oxy-fuel-cutting

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