Plasma cutting can be carried out on any type of metal – but is especially recommended for steel- and non-ferrous material less than 1 inch thick.

Plasma cutting is a method that uses a constricted electric arc, cutting the material with a jet of high speed ionized gas which is emitted from the nozzle. The hot plasma heats up the working piece, melting the material.

The main advantages of plasma cutting include:

  • Plasma cutting is ideal for any kind of carbon steel, as well as stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Guaranteed maximum precision in finishes.
  • Plasma cutting enables high definition and quality of cut.
  • Plasma cutting with compressed air: different gases can be used for plasma cutting, such as hydrogen or oxygen, but the most common is compressed air.
  • Machine plasma cutting make it possible to make cuts using the plasma table, because it can be used in combination with cutting tables.
  • Automated plasma cutting machines make it possible to perform cnc plasma cutting, because in most cases they are able to use cnc (computer numerical control)

Oxiplant offers a high-definition plasma cutting service that guarantees maximum precision in finishes, and our equipment also includes a MARKING service to make panel bending and boiler making work easier, etc.

At Oxiplant we prepare every piece to your precise instructions.

Our quality control process establishes a series of qualitative and quantitative checkpoints during manufacture for the operators and quality managers to check.

OXI-INFOG.-05.-PLASMA-400x319 Plasma cutting

OXI-INFOG.-06.-PLASMA-400x319 Plasma cutting

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