At Oxiplant we are specialists in laser cutting aluminium, and bending aluminium panels to the highest professional standards. We have a fully implemented quality system and flexibility to respond to the requirements of our clients.

Aluminium has excellent qualities, such as durability, resistance to corrosion, flexibility and ease of manipulation, making it a material widely used in all areas of industry, with a number of applications in the building, aeronautical and automotion industries, etc.

Aluminium is a material with many applications, and at Oxiplant we are specialists in its treatment and transformation. We offer a complete aluminium manufacturing and transformation service from our Technical Office, and not only will we take charge of the production process, but we can also offer assessment and full support for our clients.
Our advanced technology processing machines make it possible for us to offer our clients laser cutting and panel bending services for aluminium.

What are the main properties of aluminium?

  • Aluminium is present in abundance in the composition of the earth’s crust
  • Aluminium is a silver-coloured metal that is light, very ductile and malleable. It is also resistant to the atmosphere, because it covers itself with an invisible layer of aluminium oxide that protects it from corrosion, which makes it practically impervious to the effect of a great many chemical substances.
  • Its atomic mass is 26.9815, and it has a very low melting point at 660ºC and a boiling point at 2,467ºC, with a relative density of 2.7 kg/m3.
  • It is a very electropositive and extremely reactive metal.
  • Because it is so ductile, it is much easier to shape than steel.
  • One important quality of aluminium is that it can be recycled without losing any of its quality or properties.

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